Almost Killed in Car Accident

On February 22nd I had a single vehicle accident. My car slid on a gravel road and struck a tree before going over the side of a mountain. The car was destroyed and I was trapped inside. After some time I was found by a truck driver, feared dead/dying. Eventually I was cut out of the car and flown by helicopter to the hospital. I have no memory of events prior to the accident, of the accident and very little of the week following.

Almost 2.5 weeks later I was released from hospital and now I am beginning to recover. Among the injuries I suffered in the accident included (but not limited to) a broken right shoulder, broken left wrist, lacerations with stitches to the right hand and fingers, laceration along with severe swelling and brain injury above the right eye, bruising and swelling to chest, back, right side and thigh, bruising and swelling to right knee, partially collapsed lung and poorly inflated lungs, twisted pelvis, etc.

I am healing reasonably quickly and I am no longer taking pain killing medication, etc. There is obviously still some pain, but it is not by any means overwhelming.

By the grace of God I have been spared as I probably should be dead humanly speaking. Yet I am still alive and there is obviously a purpose for it. It has stopped me and made me think about things. The consequences of this process are yet to be carried through and fully realised, but it will be one of those life changing events.

My Car



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