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The ‘Random Thoughts’ Blog has been hosted on two other sites, but has now been long settled at WordPress.com. I am very happy with what is on offer here for Blogging and I highly recommend WordPress.com if you are considering starting a Blog or moving a Blog. The team at WordPress.com are always seeking to improve their product and it just keeps going from strength to strength.

This Blog, as the name suggests, is about all manner of things. It is a place where I leave posts on a whole range of subjects that have captured my attention at the time. I do however tend to post more on various Christian topics of interest, which is because I am a Christian.


Content on This Blog

The content on this Blog is a mix of original material and material that I glean from other sites that I find of interest. I do not always agree with everything that I publish here, though any original material is an expression of my thoughts on the particular subject being dealt with.

I post a lot of material from Compass Direct News and the Christian Telegraph (just two examples), which is material that is obviously not put together my me. You will find in these articles plenty of information that I do not agree with. So why do I post them? Generally I post them to allow my readers an opportunity to get a feel for the sort of thing that is happening ‘out there,’ especially in relation to persecution of anyone that goes by the name of Christian. I do not generally agree
with the designation of everyone described in these articles as Christian actually being Christian – at least not in the Biblical understanding of being a Christian.

I do not therefore endorse all of the views expressed in the various articles that I post from other sources and this should be understood before condemning me for the views held therein.

I reserve the right to post articles of my choosing, whether they be original articles or articles from elsewhere that I have permission to post. This is my Blog afterall, and not that of those who wish to vehemently disagree with me in the comments that are left (more on comments below). It is also a Blog maintained by a Particular Baptist, which is a person very closely aligned with those known as Reformed Baptists (though I would argue with some different understandings at some points).
You should therefore expect my thoughts to come with that direction of perspective and I make no apology for that.

I should also add at this point that I am not paid for any content that is posted on this Blog. What I endorse therefore, is endorsed because I like the product or service, such as WordPress.com. I do not accept payment in any form for comments on this Blog. If in the future I do so, that will be clearly stated on the post concerned – but I doubt that I ever will accept payment in any form.



I welcome comments to articles posted in this Blog. Feel free to disagree with my perspective, with the knowledge that I am unlikely to change my viewpoint. I am a convinced Particular Baptist.

I will remove comments that I feel need to be removed and the criteria for that I reserve the right to decide – again, it is my Blog. I will remove all spam, comments that contain abusive and unacceptable language, blasphemous comments and that which is needlessly offensive.

I will not, generally speaking, get involved in debates with those that leave comments on the Blog. Others may like to argue with them, but I have found that in most cases the comment makers have no intention of engaging in reasonable discussions – just to espouse their own viewpoints and mock those who do not agree with them. Commenters can therefore have their viewpoints and I will have mine. You are free to have them and I respect your freedom to have them. I also have a right to mine.

Having said the above I need to acknowledge that there is another kind of commenter, the one who is genuinely appreciative of what is posted and likes to say so and/or leave some constructive thoughts of their own experiences and understanding. These I acknowledge as being posted from time to time on this Blog and I thank you warmly for them.

I will try and give my own honest reflection on matters I comment on in this Blog, consistent with my own strongly convinced position as a Particular Baptist, having arrived at my current place of understanding as a result of my many years of reading and studying the Word of God, which is my only rule of faith and practice and which I believe is clearly epitomised in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

For more about me and what I believe visit:
– and http://particularbaptist.com

Thanks, Kevin 🙂

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mr. Kevin,

    I am Advocate Aneeqa Maria, I have just gone through what you have wrote about me in your afterthoughts in CLAAS’S report. You don’t know me and i can see that people like Joseph Francis and Katherine Sapna are using you well for their Cheap publicity and to destroy my reputation. Look Mr. I am a lawyer and Joseph Francis is a criminal. You never asked me about anything before publishing such a long report against me, is this your Journalism? to destroy one’s reputation and criticize one person with out knowing him/her? I wrote to Compass’s head office in Germany in 2009 and told them that i had nothing to do with Francis’s case, what he was suffering is his own actions and intentions. Let me tell you again, i was not his lawyer, i have never submitted any power of attorney in his case. and you should know that any other lawyer or person who is not entitled to deal with a particular case cannot submit any documents on his own in the court. Does it make any sense that i was not his lawyer and i submitted documents on his behalf…….. Please use your brains and remove this nonsense against me from this site. Also read my report, i am one of the competitors of CLAAS. Joseph Francis or Katherine Sapna are not lawyers. Than you will know the reason to mention my name and disgrace me internationally. I hope you now know what is going on and what this so-called Human rights CLAAS is doing. I have no interest in what they are doing, i am just concerned that you people are defaming and insulting me. If you want any detail you can contact me anytime.

    Aneeqa Maria

  2. hello brother kevin,

    i’m looking for some insightful communicators of God’s Word who might like to join a mutual blogroll with me. perhaps we could subscribe to each other eventually.

    check me out at “the glory of his grace” at henrytrocino.wordpress.com.



  3. Hello Kevin, it’s better to say “Stream of Thoughts” rather than “Random” as there is no such thing as random (everything as you know is destined by God) and Darwinists and anti-Chrisitans use “Random” as a god of the gaps and as an explanation as to how life came about, and anything at all.

    • Hi ‘knight,’

      You are of course quite right in your thoughts concerning the use of the word ‘random.’ There are many words we use as humans to describe things from the persepective that we understand things. While not disputing your point at all, I have used the word ‘random’ in the context of subjects or thoughts as they come to me in the sense of them coming in no particular chronological order, etc. I think in that context I am quite able to use the word, but as I say, I fully agree with your thoughts on God’s providence and government.


  4. Date: February 21, 2010
    The Director
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Subject: Request for Prayer
    It is glad to know you through your website. We are till now well including all families here due to your prayer. We are very glad to so that Jesus has given us a very beautiful ministry. Jesus himself provided bread to those who were hungry. Jacob 1:27 tells us. I am , currently , a youth pastor for a non denominational church. Here are 6 branch churches with us, especially all the believers are from Tharu background which is least advantaged people group of Nepal. Not only God has sent us to minister among these people, but also He has bless us with his anointment and movement. Dear Sir/Madam, by His grace there is a God is spreading His work in this Far Western Region. Jesus Christ, not only save us, but also, He has given us the great commission to obey His commandment. In addition, He has provided us His talent too that alive. According to Mark 16:15, He has given us to build His Church among the Rana Tharu people. But, we think, not only such church planting work may be sufficient where there is wide poverty. So hope for your prayer in Church planting and Church building, some help to the Church ministers. In this regard, we have presented you this prayer request on coming days. By now, we are not affiliated with any denominations and are non-denominational ministry.
    Dear Sir/Madam, we believe that the door of the prayer, guidance would be opened for us.


    Surendra Deuba
    Mobile 9749515159
    Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur, Nepal

  5. Dear Kevin
    I am an intern at Oxford University Press who has been asked to add your site to our database. I found your blog while searching for the best religion blogs. We would like to contact you to let you know about books and news we think would interest you. At OUP we have a variety of books and we are always looking for ways to spread the word about our books, authors, and press blog. Many blogs choose to have review copies sent to them and then if they are interested they will also post reviews of the book.

    If you would like us to let you know about books we have coming up, we certainly can. If you would prefer not to be contacted, that is fine, too. If you are interested, please let me know the following information, particularly if you have multiple phone numbers and email addresses and prefer to be reached at one or another:

    The name and title of the best person to contact






    An organization you are affiliated with (if applicable)

    Your site’s/firm’s areas of expertise and geographical markets

    Anything else you’d like us to know about you

    Thank you for your time. We look forward to helping you in any way we can and welcome your questions and/or concerns.


    Sarah Noonan

  6. VerseVIEW software can be an integral part of your Ministry. It will enable you to display Bible verses in multiple languages simultaneously in a presentation format. This can be very useful for bi-lingual (English/Farsi/Dari and others) Churches that use digital projectors to project verses during services. This software can also be used to read Bible on your personal computer.

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  8. Ah, Patience – what a wonderful quality! Shame the above person doesn’t have the patience to tolerate a person with a variant mindset to his or her own. No – must be of his/her eclectic leanings with a total absence of clear and resolved convictions in relation to truth; a person who would appear to be something of a flip-flop on any particular point in order to walk in the company of the mediocre and equivocating, of the weak and shallow minded.

    Not fit to live in this world – certainly I am a stranger within it, but that is to be expected, as I am a resident of a better country.

    Am I narrow-minded? If that is meant to portray an individual who has studied all manner of things in the course of a life and settled upon certain convictions, a certain world view and a particular way of life as a consequence – then yeah, I am certainly that. Better to be that than a hypocrite who twists and turns in the face of public opinion or blows this way and that with whatever the current social leaning of the day is.

    No mind police here issuing fines because someone disagrees with what I think and runs the gauntlet of some alleged tollgate on the highway of thought. I do however present my thoughts to travellers of that particular highway and allow them to come to there own conclusions, an activity I pursue with conviction, committment and vigour, rather than some inspid soundbyte that has been barely thought through and is nothing more than the mere vomiting up of empty rhetoric repeated as an act of memory from what has been recalled after listening to the nameless masses that bang on about anything that confronts their meaningless existence.

    The above comment – yet another yawn…………..


  10. Hi there!

    Great blog! As a fan of both The Chaser and the Environment, you’d be interested to know that The Chaser’s Andrew Hansen has applied his musical genuis to a new music video for Greenpeace.

    It’s poking fun at the idea of compensating coal companies $1.2 billion, when we should be investing that money into renewable energy.

    Anyway, take a look at Andrew’s work:

    If you’re sympathetic, a post to get the message out there and give people a scoop on what Andrew is up to would be great!


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