Following the apparently hugely successful World Youth Day, it is a tremendous relief to me to hear the end of the overworked use of the word ‘pilgrims,’ as well as that of the phrase ‘the faithful’ in reference to the many Roman Catholics and hangers on that were in Sydney over the last couple of weeks. I am over it as most can possibly discern. Not a big supporter of the event at all – actually, not a supporter of it to any degree. Of course I’m not, I am a Protestant after all and a Reformed one at that.

I already have the feeling that a good number of people out there in cyber world are already flexing their fingers as they eagerly prepare to engage this old fashioned Calvinist over his anti-Rome attitude. Before you do though I should warn you that I’m not about to engage in any slanging matches with Papists and their poorly informed attack dogs. This is a Blog after all and I’m allowed to rant and rave and ramble on about pretty much anything should I feel the urge.

You have to remember that the forefathers of this heretical crowd used to burn my spiritual forefathers and carry out all manner of other atrocities on Protestants. ‘Oh, but their different now.’ How soon we forget that this mob’s claim is that they never change and given the opportunity this crowd would be only so happy to do the same to me and others like me (Protestants) as they did to the early non-conformist Protestants.

I am truly thankful that the Pope has now left these shores and gone back to his superfluous sized home and barns, more than likely satisfied at his recent performance and blinded flocks of sheep that incoherently followed about various pieces of wood and old pictures.

An interesting postscript to the recent Catholic activities was what I read today in the newspaper – apparently the brothels are very keen for the event to return to Sydney again. There was a massive increase in earning during the time of the Pope’s visit and the celebrations in Sydney. Strange what ‘pilgrims’ and ‘the faithful’ are into these days.

Roman Catholic Foolishness

I never thought that I would be astonished by Roman Catholic foolishness in Australia, but I was today. Why? Well, icon madness came to these shores over the last few days. A lump of timber and a fairly ugly picture became the center of Roman Catholic idolatry in this neck of the woods today. Actually, it was this huge crucifix thing and a picture of Mary and what was probably supposed to be the baby Jesus.

In one scene on the news, this small boat with this massive cross strapped to the front of it was moved across the lake (Lake Macquarie) to a place where a group of Catholic school kids were waiting for it. It was then passed across the group and later taken to a religious service. There was of course some type of parade in which the cross and picture were the center of focus – they were literally treated as objects of worship. It was completely sickening from a Protestant point of view. In reality, it was just incredibly stupid, that a picture and a lump of timber were treated in such a way as these two items were.

So what was the point – it was like the Olympic flame being spread all over the place in anticipation of the Olympic Games later in that particular year, etc. Well, these icons were being paraded in anticipation of the Pope making his way to Australia for World Youth Day, which I think is next year. I’m sure it will be a big thing when it happens – sadly.

The Hollywood Faithful

An interesting piece appeared in one of our newspapers over the weekend – it dealt with what it termed ‘Tinseltown’s famously faithful.’ It briefly made mention of various celebs and their religious viewpoints, including the likes of John Travolta and Tom Cruise (Scientology), Madonna and Britney Spears (Kabbalah), Mel Gibson (Roman Catholicism) and some others of the Buddhist clan (Richard Gere, etc). It also made mention of those who would call themselves Christians, such as Mandy Moore, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. Of course, Mel Gibson would claim to be Christian as well – being Roman Catholic.

The article has an interesting take on faithfulness, measuring faithfulness merely in the terms of being in some way associated with a religion. There are those in the list who are certainly passionate followers of their religious views, such as Mel Gibson who went out of his way to film ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ and Tom Cruise and John Travolta who seem to be on some form of scientology crusade. No-one can deny Richard Gere’s commitment to Buddhism, being a very outspoken advocate of both the Dalai Lama and Tibet. Cat Stevens is so taken with Islam that he now calls himself Yusuf Islam, having abandoned his music career in order to pursue the Islamic Faith.

But then of course there are those like Brittany Spears, Jessica Simpson and of late, Paris Hilton. These celebs claim to be true followers of God, yet their lives are anything but truly representative of the Bible’s take on faithfulness and Christianity. Of course, there are many who are in no way perfect (including myself), with their lives falling far short of the Bible’s call to holiness of life, etc. Thank God for salvation in Christ or none would be saved.

Though not the entire essence of true Christianity, faithfulness does include the desire and commitment to holiness of life, and a walking after the ways of God as outlined in the Bible. This sadly was not even part of the article’s take on faithfulness and sadly it would seem no part of the faithfulness adopted by many of those in the article that would claim to be Christians. Certainly it is early days in the ‘new life’ of Paris Hilton post jail and her prison-found faith. Wouldn’t it be great if her example proved to be different and proved to be the genuine thing – may it be so.

Though not all would agree with everything about our (Australia’s) own Guy Sebastian, there does appear to be something that is genuine about him and for that I am very thankful and glad. There does appear to be something real about him. Having said that though, he is involved with the Roman Catholic World Youth Day next year from what I understand ~ which is certainly a concern.

Our world has lost a true understanding of what real Christianity is and the very public devotees of Christianity, who fail to come close to what it is, only give the world more ammunition to poor scorn on Christians and the church of God. It remains for those that are truly united to Christ by faith to live lives worthy of their calling and to thereby show the world what true faithfulness is all about. Only then will those who continue to heap scorn upon Christianity have a reason to consider the claims of Christianity – not that they are without excuse, as the Bible clearly shows.