Titanic Violin Fetches $1.6M at Auction


A violin thought to have belonged to Titanic bandmaster Wallace Hartley and played while the ship sank was auctioned Saturday for more than 1 million pounds ($1.6 million), the Associated Press reports.

The record-making price tag for a Titanic artifact “may never get beaten,” said a Titanic memorabilia collector at the auction in England.

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The German-made violin, now corroded and unplayable, was a gift from Hartley’s fiancee and was engraved with the words: “For Wallace on the occasion of our engagement from Maria.” The buyer, who called in the bid, wishes to remain anonymous.

[Associated Press]

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Avatar: Is this the Greatest Movie of all Time?

Avatar is the movie of the moment. This movie from James Cameron has been in the making for well over a decade and the hype surrounding the movie is amazing. Is this the greatest movie of all time? Critics would seem to suggest that it is and that it will break the box office record for the most money made by a movie, which is currently held by another James Cameron movie – Titanic.

Below are some trailers of the movie: