Marrying Young?

The link below is to an article that appeared in Christianity Today concerning early marriage and the Christian. It’s probably a little simplistic and clearly ‘self-centred (and I don’t mean that in a bad sense here).’ Any thoughts out there on early marriage and the Christian – would love to read them in the comments.

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Looting Lunatics

As the death toll from this weekends cyclone rose to 10, it has now become clear that during the chaos that engulfed the region on Friday and Saturday, abandoned cars, homes and shops were being looted by thoughtless, self-centred lunatics.

In one of the worst affected areas (Wallsend) security guards were posted as it became clear that looters were helping themselves in the abandoned town centre. There were reports of merchandise of various descriptions being swept down the main street and suburban roads from the towns shopping complex and main street. I heard a story that a large amount of ‘new’ work wear was floating down the main street at one point.

In another story, one looter was seen wading away with three pumpkins from a flooded green grocer shop – they must have been extremely rare pumpkins! Why would anyone risk there lives in a flash flood to steal three pumpkins? Just one of the weirder stories to come out of the disaster.

During my futile attempt to get home early on Saturday morning, I saw security people patrolling the abandoned town center of Cardiff – obviously in an attempt to keep looters away from the heavily damaged shops.

Other stories of heroism have emerged in contrast to the looting lunatics mentioned above. One person I actually know, rescued a woman and a young child from a submerged car at Warners Bay, suffering an electric shock for his troubles in the process. He and his friend just dived into the water to get the two trapped people out of the car that was being swept away.

In another story from Mereweather, a guy rescue twenty people from a swollen city street by jumping on his jet ski and going up and down the road, pulling people from sinking cars, etc.

Clearly, such events bring out the best and the worst of people.

Teachers Know to Say No to No

Did you know that saying no is a no no in NSW schools? I didn’t know that until recently, as only those in the know knew that to say no was a no no because it was so demoralizing to kids. That’s right, there is no such thing as saying no to students because it can be physcologically harmful to the development of students. So now you can’t say no and any real discipline of children is also frowned upon… one can only think what the next generation will be like – extremely self-centred and poorly behaved I would suggest, certainly in the majority of cases.

I would expect there will be plenty of people saying, ‘yeah, so what … it should be that way. A child’s dreams can be shattered, blah de blah de blah…’ In short, more of this ridiculous physco babble that is making society a bunch of cream puffs and wuses.

All across the length and breadth of modern society we are constructing a culture of weakness – poor social development, no social responsibility, disregard for authority, lack of respect, poor manners, an inability to behave in any acceptable manner, etc. All this because we have cast off those values which were once regarded as that which made a person decent and respectable. Sure, there was plenty that needed to go, but that which made real men and women has also been cast off, and in it’s place we are raising up generations of self-centred, ungrateful, obnoxious, dis-respectful cream puffs and wuses.

We now have young people out there who think nothing of ganging up on girls and raping them, of belting up older people for fun, of de-facing anything and everything they come accross, that have no ability to speak to others in a respectful manner, etc. I know of people in their thirties who behave like self-centred, tantrum throwing little children because society has allowed them to be brought up in such a fashion that that is all that they could become – adults who are nothing more than spoilt, immature and self-centred juveniles.

Just thought that was something to ponder tonight đŸ™‚