Plinky Prompt: An Historical Person I Would Like to Speak to for Advice

My first choice would be Jesus Christ, because I’m a Christian. However, if not Jesus and someone else (I know the Plinky Prompt didn’t ask that specifically) then who to choose?

I would probably have to say John Calvin, the Protestant Reformer. Why? I admire Calvin greatly – not that I agree with him on everything. He was a strong believer who was used much of God in Geneva. For someone who followed the Lord and his rock solid faith rooted firmly in the Scriptures, it has to be Calvin.

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I probably don’t listen to modern pop/rock music much these days, apart from when I’m travelling in someone’s car and they have the radio on. Every so often there is a song that gets played on a regular basis and in recent times ‘Viva la Vida’ by Coldplay has been such a song.

This song has really grown on me and I’m quite intrigued by the lyrics of the song. Perhaps you can share some thoughts on them and what you think the song is actually about. I quite like the song and have some thoughts on what it’s about.

If you don’t know the song, have a listen below: