Funding Funding

Yes, the title is intentional. We are funding funding at my workplace. In the office where I work there is a collection of aluminium cans being made. There is a receptacle in which one can place their used aluminium can in order for it to be collected and then taken to some local recycling facility for what is nothing more than a very small return for your effort.

Raising Funds for Fund RaisingNow in our work place there are a number of competing collection points. There is one where a staff member gets all the takings, there is another where funds raised go towards aiding breast cancer research and then there are those receptacles provided by the local council in order to pacify the local greens (to promote recycling – which is of course a good thing). But the unique thing about the collection point in our office is that monies raised through recycling our aluminium cans (which may be about $20.00 AU a year) is to be used in funding further fund raising activities.

Now this is all extremely exciting and many of us simply cannot wait until the next fund raising activity is rolled out – that which is funded by our aluminium can collecting and recycling project. One can only guess wildly at what measures will be introduced with such extravagant funding. Perhaps there will be a bottle of boiled lollies that visitors to the office can take while popping a donation into a bottle – in order to receive one. The only problem with such an activity is that when we have purchased the lollies we will need another receptacle in which to collect the donations.

Perhaps we could start collecting old copper wire from pictures and recycle it in order to fund the receptacle to collect the monies donated through this other fund raising activity?