Ellenborough Falls and Other Places

Today I took some time out and went for a bit of a drive to a few places – also did some bushwalking. I just felt I needed some time out and took advantage of the opportunity currently available to me to do some bushwalking.

First off I travelled to Wingham and to Wingham Brush. There I did a short walk along the boardwalks. Wingham Brush is an area of remnant rainforest along the Manning River, in which there are quite a number of Brush Turkeys (with their nest sites – actually, they are nest mounds) and a large population of Flying Fox Bats.

My final destination was to Ellenborough Falls, near Elands and about 40km from Wingham. Given the amount of rain that has been about the last few days I thought it would be a great opportunity to view the falls in all their glory. I wasn’t disappointed. They were great.

The walk to the base of the falls included some 641 steps and a fall of some 200m. The walk down was easy enough, but the climb back out was a little more difficult, given the steep climb and the many steps.

This was the first time that I had been able to see these falls and so I really appreciated the opportunity to do so.

More on Ellenborough Falls, visit:

Ellenborough Falls

Spray at the base of Ellenborough Falls

Ellenborough Falls from The Knoll Outlook across Ellenborough Gorge

From the base of Ellenborough Falls

Flying Fox Bats at Wingham Brush



This morning I began my travels by heading for the Toonumbar National Park and the Murray Scrub Track (5.5km return – 1 1/2 hours). The road via Geneva is generally very good, with the 500m road off the Iron Pot Creek Camping Area being a little rough, but easily traversed.

The walk itself is very worthwhile, though during my visit it was dreadfully dry thanks to the current terrible drought.

Next I visited the Iron Pot Creek Camping Area and walked a short track in the area (500m – 10 minutes) – the Iron Pot Loop.

After this I returned to the forest drive and continued on to the Toonumbar Forest Drive, which is apparently a 4WD only track. Certainly the condition of the road in certain sections ‘cries out’ 4WD only. However there was no sign to say that and I managed to make my way along the entire road (though when I reached the end I looked back and saw that the road was apparently closed – would have been helpful at the other end as well).

Anyhow, along the way I visited Murray Scrub Lookout and Sherwood Lookout.

After this I headed for Koreelah National Park towards the Queensland border and Qld’s Main Range National Park. Here I visited the camping area and did the short walk to Koreelah Creek Falls. Sadly there was little water going over the falls due to the continuing drought.

After this it was time to visit Tooloom National Park and the Tooloom Picnic Area. Here there are two short walks. The first leads to Tooloom Lookout and the second through the rainforest.