Planning has now begun for another Barrington Tops Trek for later on this year. At this stage the trek is one that I’ll be doing by myself. I hope to be doing about a week’s walking, with perhaps a further week of walking a few days later (From Barrington Tops to Foster).

At this stage planning is only in the very early stages, with a rough itinerary jotted down on some scrap paper. Basically my thoughts so far are as follows:

  • Day 1: Lagoon Pinch Forest Park to Carey’s Peak
  • Day 2: Carey’s Peak to Mount Barrington
  • Day 3: Mount Barrington to Big Hole Camping Area
  • Day 4: Big Hole Camping Area to Little Murray Picnic Area and Polblue Mountain
  • Day 5: Polblue Mountain to Junction Hole Camping Area
  • Day 6: Junction Hole Camping Area to Aeroplane Hill and Wombat Creek Camping Area
  • Day 7: Wombat Creek Camping Area to Gloucester Falls
  • Day 8: Pick Up Day