As one continues in the Christian life one becomes more disappointed with himself whenever he falls into sin, especially if it is a besetting sin. There seem to be those sins which a person is more especially prone to and when once entered into the habit of falling into that sin again it is extremely difficult to get out of that developing pattern. For this reason it is very important to take preventative measures to ensure that you don’t allow yourself (by the grace of God) to again go down the familiar paths of your besetting sins.

How difficult indeed it is to climb back out of the mire once you have allowed yourself to fall into it yet again, perhaps for the ‘nth’ time. But even here, in the midst of the mire and sin, the Lord is able to be gracious to you. Sure He is not pleased with his children falling into the same besetting sin again, yet He is gracious to grant us a true spiritual recovery from it. There needs be a true confession of sin and a true turning from it again to the Lord, with a God-given determination to not pursue the path of besetting sin again. This by grace is a certain possibility and reality for the true child of God.

The truth of the perseverance and preservation of the true child of God ought to be a real comfort for the Christian in this his time of greatest trial, continuing in a path of a besetting sin. He desires to be no more on that path, yet finds great difficulty in getting off it. Yet He knows the true child of God will never finally fall to never recover and loose his place in the eternal kingdom. Far from being an excuse to continue in sin, this should be an encouragement to continue on resisting sin and developing a resolve to be done with it. This should not develop a sense of complacency in the Christian, but rather an ability through the gracious provision of God to actually confess sin, repent from it and follow in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Here there is a motivation, when looking on the face of He who has loved Him with an eternal and immutable love, that will constrain him to be done with sin and be for the Lord and His ways forevermore, with a renewed passion and determination.

Yet be not fooled, for the way ahead is not easy, but a daily battle resisting sin and the attempted advances of the evil one and the world into the life of a Christian. The battle is daily intense, and if not the reason is perhaps because of a capitulation to the enemy already. A prayer for daily grace and ability to fight the battle is a given that every true child of God daily admits through that habitual practice of true prayer and groans that cannot be uttered. May God grant me grace, that I too might continue this daily fight and not give in to an enemy who speaks in such a seductive manner to my heart and mind, yet who has no real care for my soul.