With the US election only days away it is perhaps time to reflect on what could have been. What if Paris Hilton had actually undertaken a serious run for the presidency of the United States?

Well there has been a fake election campaign by Paris Hilton in the United States and although she doesn’t do a lot for me I have to say that the advertisements have been a little humorous if nothing else.

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The Hollywood Faithful

An interesting piece appeared in one of our newspapers over the weekend – it dealt with what it termed ‘Tinseltown’s famously faithful.’ It briefly made mention of various celebs and their religious viewpoints, including the likes of John Travolta and Tom Cruise (Scientology), Madonna and Britney Spears (Kabbalah), Mel Gibson (Roman Catholicism) and some others of the Buddhist clan (Richard Gere, etc). It also made mention of those who would call themselves Christians, such as Mandy Moore, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. Of course, Mel Gibson would claim to be Christian as well – being Roman Catholic.

The article has an interesting take on faithfulness, measuring faithfulness merely in the terms of being in some way associated with a religion. There are those in the list who are certainly passionate followers of their religious views, such as Mel Gibson who went out of his way to film ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ and Tom Cruise and John Travolta who seem to be on some form of scientology crusade. No-one can deny Richard Gere’s commitment to Buddhism, being a very outspoken advocate of both the Dalai Lama and Tibet. Cat Stevens is so taken with Islam that he now calls himself Yusuf Islam, having abandoned his music career in order to pursue the Islamic Faith.

But then of course there are those like Brittany Spears, Jessica Simpson and of late, Paris Hilton. These celebs claim to be true followers of God, yet their lives are anything but truly representative of the Bible’s take on faithfulness and Christianity. Of course, there are many who are in no way perfect (including myself), with their lives falling far short of the Bible’s call to holiness of life, etc. Thank God for salvation in Christ or none would be saved.

Though not the entire essence of true Christianity, faithfulness does include the desire and commitment to holiness of life, and a walking after the ways of God as outlined in the Bible. This sadly was not even part of the article’s take on faithfulness and sadly it would seem no part of the faithfulness adopted by many of those in the article that would claim to be Christians. Certainly it is early days in the ‘new life’ of Paris Hilton post jail and her prison-found faith. Wouldn’t it be great if her example proved to be different and proved to be the genuine thing – may it be so.

Though not all would agree with everything about our (Australia’s) own Guy Sebastian, there does appear to be something that is genuine about him and for that I am very thankful and glad. There does appear to be something real about him. Having said that though, he is involved with the Roman Catholic World Youth Day next year from what I understand ~ which is certainly a concern.

Our world has lost a true understanding of what real Christianity is and the very public devotees of Christianity, who fail to come close to what it is, only give the world more ammunition to poor scorn on Christians and the church of God. It remains for those that are truly united to Christ by faith to live lives worthy of their calling and to thereby show the world what true faithfulness is all about. Only then will those who continue to heap scorn upon Christianity have a reason to consider the claims of Christianity – not that they are without excuse, as the Bible clearly shows.

Hilton Escapes Prison

No surprises here I would expect – after only three days Paris Hilton has been released from her jail sentence and allowed to go home under house arrest in her mansion. Now there’s a severe punishment. She won’t be doing anything wrong again, not after being punished in such a severe manner.

Now if the same rules apply to everyone, isn’t it wonderful that criminals can be released under house arrest for suffering such trauma as Paris has in three days of her short sentence. Reports have it that she was suffering a rash of all things – by all means, she should go home and not suffer such severe treatment at the hands of authorities. How shocking, why should criminals have to serve out there sentence when they have such a life threatening illness. All criminals who suffer a rash should be released under house arrest immediately.

Of course, there was also a report of some type of mental illness/stress related condition. I suppose you would be somewhat stressed if you were in prison because you committed a crime – how would it be a punishment if there was not some stress involved?

Reports have it that the judge who sentenced her is not happy that Paris has been released under house arrest and that she should have served out her entire sentence – no disagreement from me.

New Found Faith in Paris?

I read with barely veiled scepticism a report in today’s paper regarding Paris Hilton carrying a Bible and sporting a jacket with Faith across the front of it – has Paris Hilton now got faith? Does the Hilton heiress read the Scriptures in a serious manner? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was true?

However, my first reaction was probably right – and it would seem that the writer of the article probably had the right idea as well. Is this yet another attempt by Paris Hilton to gain some form of public sympathy for her plight (she is about to go to jail for three weeks), or perhaps an attempt to gain leniency from the justice system because she has now found a reason to be ‘rehabilitated?’

How many times have people sought clemency on the grounds that they ‘have found God?’ Becoming a ‘Christian’ or declaring a new found faith seems to be a common way in which some people try to gain favour with the justice system, or to garner sympathy for themselves and thereby gain a lesser sentence, fine or the like.

In Indonesia, an Australian arrested for possession of drugs, attempted to gain the sympathy of the judges by declaring she had embraced Islam and was now reforming her way, even going as far as to wear the traditional Islamic dress for women. Incredibly this was all cast off the moment she was released and returned to Australia.

Is this yet another manifestation of the same sort of tendency? Time will of course tell with Paris and I would expect it will only take a day or so after her release from prison for it to become clear as to just how deep her interest in the Bible goes.