Young Guns I & II

  1. Young Guns I & II are movies loosely based on the legend of ‘Billy the Kid’ or William H. Bonney. Emilio Estevez stars as Billy the Kid in both movies, which also feature Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christian Slater, etc. This story features Wikipedia entries for both movies, as well as the original movie trailers for both.

    I quite like both of these movies, which provide a light-hearted look at the legend of Billy the Kid, including the claim that he survived being shot by Pat Garrett in 1881. The movies also contain some memorable one-liners and comedic moments, one of which I have included in the story below from my Quotista presence. 

ANZAC DAY: Remembering the original ANZAC legend

Today is ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day in Australia and New Zealand. It is a time to remember our fellow Australians (and in New Zealand their fellow New Zealanders) who made the great sacrifice of their lives in order to defend Australia (and New Zealand – from here in I will speak of my own country, though New Zealand is also implied) and our interests in time of war.

ABOVE: Images from the original ANZAC campaign that created the ANZAC legend.

ANZAC Day is a national public holiday in Australia and though the day specifically remembers the sacrifice made by ‘diggers’ in World War I on the battlefield of Gallipoli in Turkey, we also remember those who made a similar sacrifice on the other battlefields of World War I, including Belgium and France.

On ANZAC Day we also remember those Australians who sacrificed their lives throughout the world on all other battlefields as well, including those of World War II, Korea and Vietnam, as well as those of more recent times including Iraq and Afghanistan.

We will remember them – lest we forget.