Paganism Recognised in Australia

While reading the paper in the last week I came across an article dealing with ‘Paganism’ in Australia. The story was about a 10 year old boy who had to write down on a hospital form that he had no religion because ‘Paganism’ wasn’t a valid choice on the particular form that was being filled out. In short, his father sought a change so that ‘Paganism was recognised as a valid religion (the father was a priest or something in the particular form of ‘Paganism’ he represented) and he had succeeded in doing so. So the article was reporting on how now ‘Paganism’ had become a recognised religion in Australia and how that had come about as a result of this particular case.

Apparently there are some 50 various forms of ‘Paganism’ religions in Australia, with about 3 000 members and all of these groups sit under the loose title of ‘Paganism.’

Of course I recognise freedom of choice in the selection of personal religious viewpoints, yet how sad it is that there are some 3 000 people who are happy to name their religion as ‘Paganism.’ Of course, these groups are not the only groups that Evangelical Christianity recognises as being without hope, as all those outside of a right relationship with Jesus Christ have no hope in the Biblical sense. Still, it is sad that a newspaper in Australia would seem to celebrate such recognition as though it was something really fantastic to be known as a ‘Pagan.’