Communing Saints – Nothing like Real Fellowship

I had a great time today following church ~ well; it was a little while after church for that matter. ‘What happened?’ I hear you ask. Well, thank you for asking. I simply went for a meal with some friends and their young daughter and just chatted together while having lunch. Nothing too extraordinary I suppose – to most people.

However, there is nothing like the communion of saints, that is, there is nothing like real fellowship between believers. There are many things that happen in this world, many things that bring pleasure and so on ~ yet, in my opinion, there is very little that comes close to the blessedness of fellowship together as Christian brethren, especially when it is real and full of meaning.

Some of the times that have meant the most to me, living the Kingdom life in a fallen world, have been those times when I have shared precious moments with other Christians, be it times we have shared in prayer, Bible study or just plain talking together about various spiritual issues and concerns. Some of these times have the best times I have ever had in anything that I have ever done on planet Earth.

I think this especial times are a foretaste of what life will be like when we live the Kingdom life in a glorified world ~ only they will always be especial times, times of great blessedness and preciousness. The times that we thought were especial, blessed and precious whilst living as pilgrims in this world, will be as nothing when we live as citizens in that better country ~ for we are already citizens of that country of course, we are just awaiting the glorification of our bodies and the full redemption that will then come.


I have been flat out as I indicated I probably would be some time ago. What have I been busy with – not with the website I hear you say. Well it’s true I haven’t been – with the website I mean. My role as Maintenance Manager has kept me very busy and I expect to be so for quite some time (if not all the time). However, things are becoming a little more manageable at the moment and I hope to keep it that way for most of the time except when major problems occur at the retirement village where I work.

A lot of work has been required to catch up with things that should have been completed well before I took over the manager’s role, as well as new projects and things that are happening now. One little thing that’s been keeping me busy is compiling the Chemical Register for the village. This has turned out to be a bigger undertaking then originally thought because very little has been done to keep anything like it before and most of the MSDS sheets were outdated, missing, etc. Anyhow, I’ve just about got this under control, as well as instituting several changes in the way chemicals are stored, issued, etc. All this should make for a safer workplace.

As for me, well I’m a little down in the dumps – truth is, I have been for some time. Who can you blame but yourself for this predicament really? There is no real reason why a Christian should be depressed, at least theoretically! But when you consider your own sin, frailties, etc, it becomes obvious that there are plenty of reasons for being so in a fallen world. But that’s not to say that a Christian should be depressed.

I am down and it’s mostly my own fault. I acknowledge that, but it is difficult to lift the dark clouds once they descend and engulf you. Still, God is gracious and is more than able to deliver me from the darkness of my own sinfulness and thoughts. May the Lord look upon me in His mercy for I am an undeserving sinner!