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Compass Direct News in now owned by Open Doors. Open Doors will be redesigning the website and I expect there will be new URLs and the like. Given that a large number of posts relating to persecution news came from or were linked to the Compass Direct News site, it is unlikely these will continue to work. Given the large number of posts, it will take some time for URLs to be corrected here (if indeed I do it at all). As with sites all over the web, addresses come and go and it is difficult for links to remain correct forever.

Until the changes are brought into being I will not be linking to stories on that site and I apologise for the lack of news coming from that source in the intervening time.

Latest Persecution News – 21 January 2012

Somali Convert from Islam Whipped in Public

This article covers the story of how a Somali convert from Islam was whipped in public for becoming a Christian.


Muslim Extremists Strike at Christians on East African Isles

This article covers the a number of persecution events that have occurred recently in Zanzibar (Tanzania) and Comoros.


Karnataka Most Dangerous State in India for Christians

This article reports on the continuing persecution of Christians in India’s Karnataka state by Hindu extremists.


Ugandan Girl Tortured for Christ Regaining Use of Legs

This article reports on the recovery of a 15-year-old girl who was persecuted by her own father for becoming a Christian.


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Compass Direct News’ Top 10 Stories of 2011

This article covers the top 10 stories of 2011 as reported by Compass Direct News

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Latest Persecution News – 16 January 2012

I am no longer posting entire articles from Compass Direct News. I will however continue to direct my readers/visitors to articles posted by Compass Direct News, as these will undoubtedly still be of interest to many. I expect to post a listing of articles every couple of days, with a very brief synopsis of them.

Chinese Authorities Again Deny Facility to Shouwang Church – This article covers the continuing prevention of allowing the Shouwang Church to lease a meeting place by Chinese authorities, with the arrest of many members of the congregation.

Persecution Increased Most in Sudan, Nigeria, Report Says – This article covers a report by Open Doors on persecution around the world.

Anti-Christian Incidents Nearly Doubled in Indonesia in 2011 – This article reports on the continuing rise in the persecution of Christians in Indonesia in 2011.

These links are to articles posted at Compass Direct News