A Problem with Expository Preaching?

I have recently come across an article on the Banner of Truth website that ‘deals’ with expository preaching, or rather, attempts to define the dangers of what goes by ‘expository preaching’ in this day and age. The basic explanation or definition given in the article is pretty good really – that of a preacher confining himself to the text of Scripture and making it plain to others. That in itself is a fairly good explanation of being ‘expository’ I think. I do however think that some other things are probably required to fulfill the definition of what preaching ought to be – such as there being a place for application to the listeners, etc.

My point of disagreement with the article in question, is that of the need to issue a ‘caution’ to what goes by expository preaching today, which according to the article is the method of preaching through a passage or a book of Scripture week by week. I have no issue with saying that this is not the only way of being expository, but to issue a caution about the ‘modern way’ seems somewhat extreme to me.

I wouldn’t say that the ‘modern way’ is the only way to preach, nor would I go so far as to say it is the best way of preaching. I would say that I find it the best way of preaching for me, but I wouldn’t lay it down as a rule for others. I think the method of preaching used by a preacher is best left to that preacher and between himself and the Lord. I don’t think I would even call most of the preaching of Charles Haddon Spurgeon expository, yet you cannot argue that he didn’t preach in a manner used of God. So I think caution needs to be used in laying down ‘rules’ as to what method of preaching is best for a preacher, etc.

I have heard ‘preaching’ that has been systematic in its approach to a book of the Bible and it has left me bored, dry and thinking ‘what was the point of listening to it.’ However, as a person commented on the Banner of Truth article, this has probably got more to do with the validity of the preacher’s call than anything else. Perhaps the preacher is in a not so good place before God at the time of preaching also. Who knows – but a bad experience of someone ‘preaching’ systematically through a book of the Bible or passage doesn’t necessarily mean that that method is therefore proven to be a bad one. There are other variables that come into the picture.

So the Banner of Truth article is probably leading off in the wrong direction in my opinion. Readers of this Blog can make up their own opinion by reading the said article at:


Rainy Day – Boring

When there is little you can do, you would think that it wouldn’t be too bad if it was a rainy day. Can’t do anything anyway, so what’s it matter? However, because I can still use both legs, these rainy days can be very frustrating and boring.

Why? Well, the daily long walk is something I look forward to at the moment and when it rains I can’t go. Getting wet doesn’t bother me, but it does bother the casts and that is the problem with walking in the rain at the moment. If I didn’t have the casts it would be fine, there wouldn’t be a problem. But with the rain I’m confined pretty much to barracks.

So I don’t have a lot of choices at this stage, though certainly I could be doing a lot more reading. Reading however is not something I am inclined to do at the moment. Not sure why, but just finding it difficult to knuckle down to any serious reading – maybe because of the brain injury, who knows. I am going to try reading again today however.

The other choices are limited to activities around music and television (or similar activities), which I can only take in small doses. Most of my time is currently being spent on the computer doing various things like email, etc.

It has now been 4 weeks since the accident.