Australia: New South Wales – Barrington Tops Warning

Until such time as fugitive Malcolm Naden is captured, the Barrington Tops and surrounding regions should be considered potentially dangerous, given how desperate his situation has become. Having said that, realistically, he does not appear close to being captured at this stage. Certainly the police are closer than they have been for some time, but he is still successively avoiding capture. If he chooses to go to ground in the mountains following two close encounters with police in a fortnight, it is difficult to see how police will be able to capture him anytime soon.

Australia – New South Wales: Malcolm Naden Escapes Police Again

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On several occasions I have been able to walk across the Barrington Tops in New South Wales, Australia.

For more information on the Barrington Tops and on the treks themselves (including photos) visit my web site at:


BELOW: Videos I have made with photos from the treks:

October 1996

October 2003:

BARRINGTON TOPS TREK 2003 – Now Completed

Yes, the big trip is now over. I got home today after completing the trip on Wednesday October 22, 2003. I covered some 77.5km over five days of walking through the Barrington Tops. Though I enjoyed the trek immensely, I came out of it more injured and sore than any other previously. I can’t say that I found it extremely difficult, but still managed to come off not as well as previous trips that were more difficult.

Some how I managed to bust up my left shoulder, got severely sun burnt across the back of my neck resulting in severe blisters, stubbed a big toe and suffered severe impact blisters across the base of my feet and heels so that I couldn’t wear shoes for the entire fifth day. I still haven’t recovered obviously, but have some time until I return to work. The good news for those in the know – I didn’t have any slippery shoes that endangered my life this time out.

Anyhow, for all the news on the trip and photos, visit the Barrington Tops Trek 2003 page.


I managed to get away on a trip to the Barrington Tops this weekend and got to do bits of both the planned itineraries of the previous entry’s planned trips. The links for the planned trips were as follows:

However, the Polblue trip was the one I had planned to complete on this occasion, but was unable to for a number of factors, including the weather and a bridge failure in one of the walk areas. So the trip had to be modified somewhat. For an account of the trip visit my Barrington Tops page.

In other news I have made some useful advances in the planning of the Barrington Tops trek for later on in the year. Looking forward to that one – I just need to get into some training so that I will be able to cope with the pack on my back, etc.


Planning has continued for the Barrington Tops Trek, as well as for two other planned trips for this year Whether they will all be achieved this year is of course another thing, but at least the planning is done, allowing them to be taken at any time with all the information having been put together.

The planned itineraries are available in pdf format and these will allow anyone to actually do the same trips by making use of the information provided. The links are as follows:

Each of these trips are in the Barrington Tops area.


Planning has now begun for another Barrington Tops Trek for later on this year. At this stage the trek is one that I’ll be doing by myself. I hope to be doing about a week’s walking, with perhaps a further week of walking a few days later (From Barrington Tops to Foster).

At this stage planning is only in the very early stages, with a rough itinerary jotted down on some scrap paper. Basically my thoughts so far are as follows:

  • Day 1: Lagoon Pinch Forest Park to Carey’s Peak
  • Day 2: Carey’s Peak to Mount Barrington
  • Day 3: Mount Barrington to Big Hole Camping Area
  • Day 4: Big Hole Camping Area to Little Murray Picnic Area and Polblue Mountain
  • Day 5: Polblue Mountain to Junction Hole Camping Area
  • Day 6: Junction Hole Camping Area to Aeroplane Hill and Wombat Creek Camping Area
  • Day 7: Wombat Creek Camping Area to Gloucester Falls
  • Day 8: Pick Up Day