Indian Special Forces Cross Border Into Myanmar to Battle Militant Groups


Soldiers from the Indian army conducted an operation against militant groups along the border with Myanmar in the country’s northeast on Tuesday, with special forces allegedly also entering Myanmar to perform “surgical strikes”.

A statement by the army said its offensive had resulted in “significant casualties” among the militants who killed 20 Indian soldiers in the region less than a week ago, Reuters reported.

Carrying out cross-border operations is not common practice for India, and the army only mentioned two areas in its own states Nagaland and Manipur. However, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting and a former army colonel, confirmed that Indian forces had crossed over into Myanmar, the Indian Express reported.

Maj. Gen. Ranbir Singh, the Additional Director General for Military Operations, told the Express that the Indians had been in communication with Myanmar authorities regarding the counteraction against the rebel groups.

“There is…

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Myanmar: Persecution News Update

The links below are to articles reporting on persecution news from Myanmar/Burma.

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Egyptian army ‘massacre’ leaves survivors shocked, angry as they search for family among the dead

National Post | News

CAIRO — As the bodies were claimed, one-by-one, volunteers used marker pens to scribble names on to the white shrouds that covered their faces.

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If there ever was an optimistic moment for the future of democracy in the post-Arab Spring Middle East, it certainly died in the military crackdown on protesters Wednesday that saw at least 525 people killed. The failure of Egypt’s first fling at democracy holds the dubious honour of being bad news for almost everyone, from Egyptians who thought military rule was a thing of the past, to regional leaders who supported the democratic experiment, to western powers looking for Egyptian stability.

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Many had died from gunshots to the head, neck or chest, suggesting they were victims of the snipers used by Egypt’s security forces during Wednesday’s assault against opposition protesters in…

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Egypt police freed to use deadly force amid fears protest death toll will top 1,000

National Post | News

CAIRO, Egypt — Egyptian authorities on Thursday authorized police to use deadly force to protect themselves and key state institutions from attacks after violent protests erupted across the country.

Presumed supporters of Egypt’s deposed Islamist president torched two local government buildings near the capital in the latest of a series of apparent reprisals to follow a bloody crackdown on their protest camps that led to more than 600 deaths.

U.S. President Barack Obama interrupted his vacation Thursday to condemn the violence. The president cancelled joint military exercises with Egypt next month saying America’s traditional co-operation “cannot continue as usual while civilians are being killed in the streets.”

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Also on Thursday, the Interior Ministry, which is in charge of national security, announced new measures after an angry crowd stormed buildings in Giza, the city next to Cairo that is home to the Pyramids. A two-storey, colonial-style villa and a…

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Egyptian army accused of pushing country toward civil war after ‘massacre’ of protesters

National Post | News


CAIRO and LONDON — Egypt’s military was accused of pushing the country towards civil war Wednesday after hundreds of protesters were believed to have been killed in a “massacre” at two Muslim Brotherhood protest camps.

Security forces used machine guns, snipers, tear gas and armoured bulldozers during a full scale assault to clear the camps in Cairo, which had been at the centre of Islamist opposition to the country’s new government. The operation left a scene of carnage on the capital’s streets and Egypt embroiled in its worst turmoil since the start of the Arab Spring.

An Egyptian Health Ministry spokesman has again raised the death toll from clashes between police and supporters of the country’s ousted president to 525.

The spokesman, Khaled el-Khateeb, told The Associated Press on Thursday that the number of injured in the previous day’s violence has also risen and now stood at 3,717.

With clashes…

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Myanmar: Latest Persecution News

The link below is to an article that reports on the targeting of Kachin Christians by the Burmese army.

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Syria: Is the Regime Crumbling?

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