Spotify Will Launch Limited Free Mobile Access At Dec 11th Event, Source Confirms



Digg: Sadly Dug its Own Grave

Article: Social Apps Can Lead to Rape

The link below is to an article about a recent debate in which founder Hermione Way claimed that social apps are responsible for some rapes that have occurred. A social app CEO responded with ‘more people have been harmed by the Catholic Church.’ Now that is difficult logic to argue against.

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Starting out with Storify

  1. For this first story on Storify, all I’m going to really do is introduce the platform and embed some videos and tutorials that do just that. Hopefully some people will find this interesting and start to use the tool also.

  2. I am very much a novice to storify, so I have no idea really as to how this ‘story’ will appear when it is published. From what I understand it can be edited after it is published, so perhaps a bit of polishing will be required once it is complete.

    OK, I published the story and had a quick look at it. It actually doesn’t look too bad and it looks quite good actually.

    I thought I might add something of a product review in this story also. Storify is very easy to use and can be a very helpful tool for bloggers in particular I think. The learning curve for Storify is very quick and you’ll be quite proficient in its use very quickly. If you watch the ‘How To Use Storify’ video embedded in this particular story, that will will also enhance your ability quite quickly (though the appearance of the platform has changed a bit since the tutorial was put together). I’ll certainly be using Storify a fair bit from now on I would think.

    The other really good thing about Storify from my perspective is that I can very quickly publish my stories to my WordPress Blogs straight from the application. So that certainly is a fantastic plus in my opinion.

Social Media: Gaining Control

The following articles are the first two in a series concerning the very difficult task of controlling social media and the various social networks/web applications that you use. There are of course various strategies that can be used and usually some customised form that suits your own situation is generally the way to go. I find myself constantly adapting what I do to meet my current situation. Sometimes the strategy works for a while before breaking down, while at other times the strategy doesn’t appear to get me too far at all.

Perhaps what is outlined in the various articles below will be a help to you. Some of what is mentioned in the articles are strategies I already use and that sucessfully, but not owning a smartphone means I am limited to using various web applications and strategies, so they won’t all work for me.

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