Here are the best countries to grow old in


It’s no secret that the global population is aging. We’re living longer than ever and are healthier until much later in life. But we’re still struggling to adapt to this changing demographic—and some are struggling more than most.

So if we are going to get old, where should we do it? Which country in the world will take the best care of us? Which country pays the closest attention to the needs of older people and makes the best use of their skills?

The aging population is the outcome of extraordinary developments in technology, medicine and public hygiene. Equally important are changes to our lifestyles. More of us are eating better and regular exercise is now a fundamental part of many people’s lives.

But until relatively recently, our understanding of the capacities and vulnerabilities of people in older age has been tied to pre-industrial preconceptions about aging. In the eyes…

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Somalia: Persecution News Update

The links below are to articles reporting on persecution news from Somalia.

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