New Year Changes (2022): Informed Insight (Facebook Group)

Hi all. It has probably become obvious to anyone that may have been following this Blog for some time that posts have become few and far between of late. I think I have more-or-less struggled over the years with times of poor health, but no more so than the current time. It is a many faceted problem and I won’t go into all of the details. Essentially, something needs to change (or a number of things really). Being still at work and clearly needing to continue to work in order to feed myself, etc, sadly it has beome time to change the way I do things around my many Blogs, etc. I have always enjoyed being online and keeping blogs and websites ticking over, but it has now become an almost impossible chore.

What will change is that this Blog will remain up as an archive, while also providing a gateway (via a link) to my Facebook Group (Informed Insight), where I hope to continue posting curated articles/links/videos, etc. It is so much quicker and easier to do that there than having to write code, etc, here. Essentially, the only real change will be the location of the information.

If you would like to continue the journey with me, please visit the Facebook Group linked to below – and thank you for visiting me here over the years.

For more visit:
Informed Insight (Facebook Group)

The only other thing to note is that this Facebook Group is a subgroup of my Facebook Page, ‘Insight to my World,’ which you are also free to like and follow should you wish.

For more visit:
Insight to my World (Facebook Page)

Thanks all.

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