India: Another Sexual Crime Exposed (How Many Are Not?)

I remember a year or so back when an Indian student or two had been bashed here in Australia that there was a great outcry from India about racism and the like in Australia. The odd bashing doesn’t make the whole country guilty of the crimes that had taken place at the time. Perhaps India could get serious about dealing with what is very obviously a major problem in that country – sex crimes against women. Deny it they may, but hide it they can’t – there is clearly a major problem there. I would suggest this isn’t the only major issue facing India, as this Blog clearly demonstrates time and time again.

The link below is to an article reporting on yet another example of major sex crimes against women in India.

For more visit:

4 thoughts on “India: Another Sexual Crime Exposed (How Many Are Not?)

    • I don’t believe I tried to justify the crime of bashing Indian students here in Australia – that would be reading into the comments something that wasn’t there. I did try to expose the hypocrisy of what happened at the time, where there was a lot of outcry about the bashings while little was being done about far more serious ‘volumes’ of serious crime in the place raising the outcry. I believe at the time there were plenty of Indians in Australia who raised the issue of how over-the-top the outcry was.

      Are both crimes deplorable – absolutely. Australian authorities worked very hard (with the wider community) to bring these crimes to a halt and that has happened generally speaking. I might add far more Australians are bashed on a regular basis by criminals and thugs, and it would be great if we could stop them also, but I fear that will not be completely possible, likely or realistic – as sad and disappointing as that is.

      Thank you for your thoughts and if my comments appear to justify the bashing of Indians I regret that and hope this clarifies the matter.

      • Of all the crimes the most deplorable are the crime against the children and the next is crime against the women. I am not good at statistics but I think we are at the top in both of these. Women are not only gang raped but they are also murdered immediately after that to stop their voice. Being an Indian if I try to find fault in the administration of other countries that would be like throwing stones living in glass house.I wish you a very happy New year 2015.

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