Facebook: The Future?

The link below is to an article that considers the future of Facebook as the leading social network.

For more visit:

2 thoughts on “Facebook: The Future?

  1. Weirdly, I was just thinking about this subject thirty minutes ago, then I come across your post with this link. So thank you!

    Ultimately, I think Facebook’s fall is inevitable. It has a huge momentum, so I doubt it will go away within 5 years. Within 10, maybe? I wonder what will take its place.

    • I agree. You do hear a bit about the decline of Facebook, especially among younger users and there are also reports about the number of actual users as opposed to those that have an account (and false accounts) only. I know of quite a few friends who have deactivated their accounts, no longer are active on it, etc. I have also seen a good number of younger people moving towards other social networks, including one that Facebook now owns (Instagram).

      I’m interested to see just how well Google+ is placed alongside Facebook in a year or two, as well as other emerging social networks.

      But yes, Facebook will eventually be deposed, but by what and when is a very interesting question. The key for Facebook is having an ear to their users, privacy and security, as well as being ahead of the game in order to maintain their dominance.

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