announces 50M users, but is it really bringing change?

Originally posted on PandoDaily: has a pretty idealistic goal: to get people to rally around ideals, accrue signatures, and create tangible change in government. It believes that the petitions it hosts are somehow able to spark more civic and local action.

That’s a lofty goal, but thinks it can do it.

Today the petition-signing platform announced that it has reached over 50 million users worldwide. That’s more than double the number from last year. The site also presented some interesting tidbits about specific campaigns its hosted as well as trends in national causes it’s been noticing. to me has always been a fascinating, if not idealistic, venture. I frequently receive invites to sign a local petition about something going on in my community, and I’m somewhat reticent to take part. This isn’t because I don’t believe in the company’s values of sparking change. It’s just that I think real-world engagement is…

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