Australia: ALP Disaster Looms


3 thoughts on “Australia: ALP Disaster Looms

    • I am a long time ALP supporter – even considered becoming a member once. However, the writing is clearly on the wall for the government. In many respects it is a popularity contest – popularity with voters determines electoral success.

      I certainly do not wish for a Liberal government, but it does seem a mere formality at the moment. This current lot (ALP) seem determined to loose the election and will not do what is necessary to both govern and win the election. The only way they can turn it around (and it may even be too late for this option now) is for Kevin Rudd to regain the leadership. It is he who the majority of ALP supporters want leading the party.

      • As a University student I am particularly worried about the prospect of a liberal government. I believe that Abbott is the worst candidate we have ever seen. I actually like Julia Gillard but agree that Kevin Rudd may need to return to get a Labour victory.

        I am of the opinion that we need to get behind labour more at this point regardless of who is the leader.

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