Australian Floods: Queensland – Latest News

The flood crisis in the state of Queensland in Australia has worsened today. The latest news from Toowombah has two people dead in the sudden flash flood with more missing. In other towns and centres in south east Queensland houses have been swept away with flash floods and those living downstream have been warned to get out as soon as possible.

For those outside of Australia, the eastern states have been hit by flooding for the majority of 2010, with the situation worsening into the New Year (2011). Dalby in Queensland is currently experiencing its 5th major flood event in a month, with the lastest flood being the worst so far. Weather conditions are expacted to continue as they have for several months to come. The Queensland capital of Brisbane has been told to prepare for the worst, with flood conditions there expected to be at
it the worst within the next 48 hours even as heavy rain continues.

At times the flooding in Queensland has covered an area as large as New South Wales, where currently massive amounts of water from Queensland are beginning to flow across the border and will isolate towns and regional areas for weeks. Currently the situation in Queensland is being described as flooding an area as large as Germany and France combined.

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