One thought on “Robin Hood Trailer: Recently Watched on DVD

  1. One possibility that occured to me righ off, was that this is another of what is called a “Re imaging” rather than a remake. Remakes try to stick to the basic concept and plot. Wheras Re imagings are a re invention. This is part of the Post Modern Emergent culture. It sounds Cutting Edge, but in reality it is people who have no creativity of their own to make a new film. So, they hijack what someone else has done. They rarely follow the original concept at all. So you have a Re imagined Star trec, where Spock is emotional after all. You have Sherlock Holmes, not as an intellegent logician, but as an MMA action hero. The list could go on. But the driving force of Re imagining, Postmodernism, and Emergence, is not ‘how can we improve something”, but rather if we (in our surperior generation) had made the movie, this is how we would have done it” The subtlty of the message is this. ” Everything and everyone who has come before us is dumb. We are much smarter, and no generation before us can tell us anything because they are dumb. They have to be, because they are old. Old is dumb” So now they have Re invented a Robin Hood according to the Post Modern fashion. Sad news for them; according to the Re imaging flow of things, their new Re imagined Robin Hood will be obsolete in 18 mo. Guess the next Robin Hood will have to play an electric guitar and have a crack pipe.

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