One thought on “Sam Storms: What Makes John Calvin Unique

  1. I didn’t watch the video because my download speed here in Nigeria is very slow. However, I consider the argument between the Calvinists and Armenians and all in between to be stupid and consider both sides to be extremely arrogant in supposing that they each have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when Paul says in 1st Cor 13:9, 10 that we do not now understand in entirety all that we will know. The truth lies somewhere in between coupled with a lot of knowledge we haven’t yet received. For instance, look at how many years we believed in the 7 year tribulation (generated by a pair of 16th century monks to combat the Reformation) and the Rapture, neither of which have any scriptural foundation. I believe we have Dr. Scofield to thank for that. Top that with the fact that both Daniel and Revelation were closed to us by God himself (Dan 9:24. 12:4; Rev 10:3, 4) until the time of the end (1967) when the times if the gentiles ended with the Jew’s capture of Jerusalem and the Western Wall. All teachings on Daniel and Revelation up to 1967 were wrong. It was impossible for them to be correct, again,since God himself closed the understanding of the books to us. See also Rev 11:15 where the full truth of the gospel finally will be revealed at the 7th trumpet when we will be taken up to be with Jesus (1st Cor 15:52; the LAST Trumpet). In Isa 9:6 and Judges 13:18 Jesus’ name is given as “wonderful”. That Hebrew word is best translated as “incomprehensible”, and so to think that any of us have the “full truth” is at best laughable and at worst pure arrogance and then to have persecuted those that didn’t believe as he did was ungodly behavior. And now you hold a seminar on the “great man” is nothing short of ludicrous! I have little regard for either camp.
    In Christ, Rev Bill Cropley, Lecturer, LAWNA Theological Seminary LATS, Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria, West Africa

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