How Should Calvinists Deal with Arminians? – Dr. James White


12 thoughts on “How Should Calvinists Deal with Arminians? – Dr. James White

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  2. I don’t believe Arminianism to be man centered. Certainly, we must choose whether or not to follow God, but it is only by the grace of God that we can make this choice! Of course we must persevere in our faith, but it is only by the grace of God that we are even able to persevere or have the continued desire unto perseverance!

    I find it absurd to say that the Arminian view is man-centered and based on traditions.

  3. Belated Merry Christmas! You’re aware of course that Arminians apply the doctrines of election, regeneration, etc. A human centered theology would be one in which the person is able to initiate or even complete their salvation. Arminians believe no such thing. To say that their theological precepts come down to “accepting” Jesus in their hearts or “receiving” Him is simply a caricature and it applies to the vast majority of the modern evangelical church.

  4. I base it on the fact that Arminians ‘decide’ to follow Jesus. They ‘accept’ him into their hearts, etc, etc. That would be a human centered approach to salvation. Obviously, as a Particular Baptist, I hold to the Biblical doctrines of election, regeneration, etc.

    • Oh, Man!! I grew up baptist (hardcore calvinist/once saved always saved, type baptist) and I never heard these phrases more than I did when I was there. Ironic you should apply these phrases in dismissing what you call “arminian” theology.

    • Also, I dont know how much arminians should deal w/Mr. White. It’s sad that christians are attacking eachother over non-essentials. It’s really just about pride in the end, unfortunately. The devil is the accuser of the brethren. When did Paul or Peter ever put down or accuse of heresy those who did not believe in Supralapsarianism? Even the earliest church fathers did not believe in 5 point “Calvinism”. Particular Kev, can you show me passages from those Fathers, who sat at the apostles feet, wo swed themselves to be what is no called “calvinists/calvinism”?

  5. How should Arminians deal with someone such as Mr. White who purposely present a caricature of Arminian theology (e.g. his reference to it being human centered)? Should they be concerned at this uncharitable misrepresentation?

    • Particular Kev, what is it that Arminius has actually written, since we’re talking about Aminianism, that is human centered? Have you read the works of james Arminius? IF so what did he say that’s unbiblical? I dont understand. I read both Arminian and calvinist authors, but have yet to read any of them denying that salvatin is all God’s grace, from first to last. You may be talking about the Pelagian–or, Semi-pelagian authors/perspective. But I dont believe you can prove from any Arminian author’s writings that they believe salvation originates in a human decision. Nope, you’ll never prove that. Also, have you ever read/are you familiar with W.G. Shedd?

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