Iran: Christians summoned to the office of Ministry of Information

According to subpoenas issued by the intelligence office of the Kurdistan ministry of information, several new Christian believers have been summoned to attend a hearing at the headquarters of the ministry in order to answer questions that the ministry is interested to know about, reports FCNN.

Farsi Christian News Network ( reports that on August 23rd and 24th, intelligence officers contacted several new Christian believers and their families and requested that they attend a hearing at the Ministry of Information. It is important to mention that these individuals had previously been identified by the intelligence officers.

According to this report, these individuals, upon reporting to the offices of the Ministry of Information, were detained and interrogated all day long and subsequently released from custody.

The names of some of these individuals are as follows: Mr. Sadegh, Mr. Farzam, Mr. Nik-khah, Mr. Sarmad, and Mr. Ayyoob. The women were: Ms. Tahereh, Ms. Nahid, and Ms. Roshanak – all from the city of Sanandaj. There were others who were detained from other cities that have requested anonymity. Also 2 new believers from the city of Saghez, one from the town Gharaveh, and one other from the town of Kamyaran that were taken to their local Ministry of Information offices for questioning.

FCNN reports that the intelligence officers were using these interrogations to identify the command chain and responsibilities of each and every one of these believers within the home-church movement in Iran and also to learn more about the tactics used by the believers in evangelism along with more information about a specific home belonging to a Christian man named Mr. Ghanei.

It needs to be reminded that Mr. Ghanei was summoned to the ministry, detained and questioned for his faith and beliefs in Christ for one week in July 2009, while his family and relatives were completely unaware of his whereabouts. Finally, through the follow up and insistence of a lawyer and posting of a bail bond, he was released. Shortly after this incident, Mr. Ghanei was re-arrested on the charge that his bail bond was not invalid and this time he was forced to post a 60 million Tooman bond (Approximately $60,000 USD). Subsequent to this and as of now, there is no information regarding his whereabouts.

According to these new believers who were detained and questioned, the intelligence officers are attempting to identify and locate the whereabouts of Mr. Ghanei in order to summon him to the office of the Ministry of Information. It’s not clear why these officers are so eager to re-question Mr. Ghanei and what seems to be the urgency in this matter.

In connection with this, the intelligence officers and plain clothes interrogators have visited Mr. Ghanei’s house as well as the residence of his father in-law in Sanandaj and have searched the house and questioned the residents. Also and apparently the intelligence officers have targeted several new believers and the church members of the church in Kermanshah who may know of the whereabouts of Mr. Ghanei and placed them under surveillance and undue pressures.

Lastly, it must be remembered that in October 2006, Mr. Ghanei was arrested for the first time and after lengthy interrogation and being charged for converting from Islam to Christianity was released. This cycle of arrest, interrogation, and released from detention was repeated many times over the last few years.

Report from the Christian Telegraph 

3 thoughts on “Iran: Christians summoned to the office of Ministry of Information

  1. Hi Kev:

    I completely understand, and am very sympathetic with your position. I encourage you to continue to bring to the light the persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ so that we can pray more effectively for them and their persecutors.

    As explained previously, the claim is shocking, so let me simply provide some of the evidence. The Qur’an teaches that Muslims must believe that Jesus:
    • was born of the virgin Mary;
    • taught the Gospel;
    • performed many miracles, including raising the dead;
    • was raised by God; and
    • is the Messiah.
    The Qur’an also teaches that Muslims must:
    • believe in one God who is identified as the only Creator, and the God of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Job, Elisha, David, the Old Testament Prophets, and the God of the Jews and the Christians;
    • repent and believe in order to receive God’s forgiveness by grace;
    • develop and cultivate a personal relationship with the God of Abraham;
    • believe the revelation sent to the Old Testament Prophets in the Bible, and believe the Gospel, and copy and distribute them to the nations of the Earth without compensation;
    • receive guidance from the Holy Spirit;
    • resist the temptations from Satan; and
    • avoid the condemnation of hell.
    Do Muslim teachers teach all of this? No.

    Is there any harmony between what Muslims believe and what the Qur’an explicitly teaches? There is little.

    Is there any harmony between Christian and Islamic religious traditions? Very little.

    Is there harmony between the principal teachings of the Bible and the Qur’an? I have found that there is; and as previously noted, such harmony was reached without compromising any teaching, or damaging the integrity of any verse in either book.

    While I strongly encourage you to rigorously contend for the faith, let me also encourage you not to dismiss 30 years of research so quickly.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Kev:

    Thank you for bringing these persecutions to our attention. I pray that their faith may not faith during their time of trial.

    Allow me to suggest another resource.

    Christians and Muslims have been kept apart for the past 1,300 years by their religious leaders, who have taught them that irreconcilable differences exist between the Bible and the Qur’an. Neither religious leader will read the others’ Book, yet they have spent the past 1,300 years criticizing what they thought that the other believed.

    I have found that there is harmony between the principal teachings of the Bible and the Qur’an without compromising any teaching, or damaging the integrity of any verse in either book. However, I could find little harmony between Christian and Islamic religious traditions.

    I understand that this is a shocking claim, and had anyone suggested to me that there was any sort of harmony between the Bible and the Qur’an 8 years ago, I probably would not have bothered to investigate any evidence that the claimant may have provided.

    I published my findings eight years ago for critical review, and after 7 years of rigorous critical review, I published Brothers Kept Apart earlier this year. The book exposes the myths that have divided Christians and Muslims for the past 1,300 years, and I stake my 20-year professional career on the integrity of the research. I am willing to respond to any queries or comments.

    Best regards,
    Walter Phillips

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