Christians in India are becoming more vocal and seeking government protection for religious minorities as extremist Hindu violence continues to spread and intensify across India.

In this video footage ‘Christians’ are marching through New Delhi calling for justice and peace.

In the video footage below there is a report from within India on the situation in Kandhamal.


  1. The link above by the very courageous ‘Anonymous,’ is to a Blog that is very anti-Christian and is more than likely a pro-Hindu extremist one at that.

    But it is a comment and I’m happy to leave it here as it shows the type of opposition being faced by Christians in India.

    The persecutors are unable to face their ungodliness as is evidenced by their behaviour in the current Indian climate of violence against Christians. Being unable to oppose Christianity on a level playing field these advocates of a ‘true religion’ need to retreat into thuggery and violence – is it any wonder that Indians are turning to Christianity?

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