The Iranian parliament has voted in favour of new laws that would see people found guilty of apostasy being given the death penalty. It was heavily approved by the parliament with 196 votes for, seven against and tow abstained from voting.

Those who leave Islam for another religion, including Christianity, will now face the death penalty for apostasy from Islam, once the new law is fully enacted. This is seen as a further erosion of human rights in Iran.


  1. Freedom of apostasy is guaranteed by the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights, and yet several countries have laws against apostasy with penalties of imprisonment or death. The issue of crimes against humanity perpetrated against apostasy is rising as waring factions involving religion dominates world news.

    It is time for the UN to remember its charter and pressure countries that commit human rights violations against apostates to cease and desist. In an effort to improve awareness about these human rights violations and to solicit support for that cause, the following site provides further details:

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