Wingham Brush

Today I took my mother around Nabiac and Wingham. Firstly we drove to Nabiac and the local markets there. There wasn’t a lot happening there, however, we did buy some local produce which was good. The auction nearby was nearly over so we decided to move on.

After Nabiac we travelled to Wingham to take my mother to Wingham Brush – she had never been there before. So we spent a little time wandering around the various boardwalks and looking at the Brush Turkeys and Grey-Headed Flying Fox Bats. There are some very large Fig Trees in the reserve and I took a picture of my mother standing within the buttress roots of one of the trees.


My mother at Wingham Brush within the buttress roots


After that we returned home.

More on Wingham Brush, visit:

Wingham Brush

3 thoughts on “Wingham Brush

  1. These comments appeared on a previous blog site:

    posted by: PastorDave (reply)
    post date: 11.02.07 (6:32 am)

    So…you cannot be part of a church made up of imperfect people?


    posted by: Chris Edwards (reply)
    post date: 02.24.08 (5:23 am)

    Dear Dave, I think you have either misread or misunderstood kevin’s blog. He is not speaking in the slightest degree about having fellowship with imperfect people, I am sure that Kevin who be among the first to acknowledge his imperfections. What he is talking about is the slovenly way many in the ‘Church’ regard doctrine and practice. There is a huge error being pushed in many places,that is that the church exists solely for unbelievers and that the bringing of the message to them can be compromised in order to include them in a larger group-in fact a mixed multitude. Well as far as I understand what Kevin is saying is that the church exists because God has
    regenerated each member to bring glory to Him. Kevin is obviously dismayed at the readiness of so many ‘Reformed’ people to use tricks and subterfuge to fill up the pews. It might please the flesh but does this method have the Lord’s sanction and blessing?I would rather fellowship with two or three believers where Christ is present in the midst than run after a large mixed -multitude. Please Dave, do not get annoyed with me and dash off a trite response, rather meditate on these things. I believe Kevin has done us a service by bringing these things to our notice.


    posted by: bushman (reply)
    post date: 03.12.08 (1:26 am)

    Reply to: Chris

    That is it 🙂

  2. Comment posted on a previous Blog site:

    posted by: Barnabus1 (reply)
    post date: 10.15.07 (9:53 am)

    Fantastic!! great pics, and it really looks like great fun was had by all!!!

  3. Comment posted on a previous Blog site:

    posted by: Barnabus1 (reply)
    post date: 08.25.07 (1:25 pm)

    Nice post and I didn’t know fig trees got so large!!! Nice pic of your mom!!!

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