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Well, it had to happen and now it has. It would seem that American gimmicks-style Christianity has now well and truly reached Australian shores. An Australian Anglican Church in Stroud (with a rich history) has begun to hold services in the local pub ~ not that the building itself is the wrong place to hold church services. However, an argument could be made about the ‘appearance of evil’ I suppose. In this case however, the patrons of the pub (or church) will be able to have their beer while attending church.

All of this is meant to get more people along to church – to get people who wouldn’t normally attend to start coming. It all sounds typical of the ‘church growth movement’ type approach to church doesn’t it? Make sure you give unchurched Sally or whoever it might be, what they want and they will come to church.

Clearly their are many dangers with this type of approach, including the obvious of letting the world infiltrate the church and the church become ‘polluted’ by the world and its practices. Fairly soon you will be unable to differentiate between ‘Christians’ and those at church who are unsaved. No longer are Christians interested (so it seems anyhow) in being ‘apart from the world,’ ‘from being different to the world,’ etc. Now we must appeal to the world in order to be accepted by the world and to increase our numbers – yet the irony of all this is that no matter how many people still of the world begin coming to church or even attach themselves to the church, the church will still be no bigger than it was.

True salvation includes separation from the world and its values, and no attendance of church services without true conversion is worth anything to anyone in the light of what really matters.

One thought on “Pub Church

  1. These comments appeared on a previous Blog site:

    posted by: Amanda (reply)
    post date: 10.25.07 (2:24 pm)

    You said the place in itself isn’t wrong. Maybe you should go and find out “Why” they are having church there rather than just judging them. Jesus ate with sinners and was criticised for it.


    posted by: bushman (reply)
    post date: 10.28.07 (3:57 am)

    Perhaps you need to again have a look at what the church is about – it is not about evangelism. Evangelism is a valid thing to do and is a right thing to do in a pub, however, worshipping with beer in hand is a totally different matter. This practice is a further instance of ‘downgrade’ in the church, something I suspect you a very familiar with.

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