Paganism Recognised in Australia

While reading the paper in the last week I came across an article dealing with ‘Paganism’ in Australia. The story was about a 10 year old boy who had to write down on a hospital form that he had no religion because ‘Paganism’ wasn’t a valid choice on the particular form that was being filled out. In short, his father sought a change so that ‘Paganism was recognised as a valid religion (the father was a priest or something in the particular form of ‘Paganism’ he represented) and he had succeeded in doing so. So the article was reporting on how now ‘Paganism’ had become a recognised religion in Australia and how that had come about as a result of this particular case.

Apparently there are some 50 various forms of ‘Paganism’ religions in Australia, with about 3 000 members and all of these groups sit under the loose title of ‘Paganism.’

Of course I recognise freedom of choice in the selection of personal religious viewpoints, yet how sad it is that there are some 3 000 people who are happy to name their religion as ‘Paganism.’ Of course, these groups are not the only groups that Evangelical Christianity recognises as being without hope, as all those outside of a right relationship with Jesus Christ have no hope in the Biblical sense. Still, it is sad that a newspaper in Australia would seem to celebrate such recognition as though it was something really fantastic to be known as a ‘Pagan.’

6 thoughts on “Paganism Recognised in Australia

  1. I think that Paganism being recognized in Australia is a great thing, personally.

    The world needs more tolerance if it is ever going to survive. What gives anyone the right to tell someone they are wrong or evil simply because they don’t believe in the divine in the exact same way?

    Pagans are not lost, dear sir, they are simply following a different path to the same place you seek. Enlightenment and immersion with the divine force. At least, I hope that is what you seek, it is a wonderful goal for anyone to reach for.

    Still, you have your atheists, and they aren’t wrong either. They simply choose to go about their lives in a different way. I could go on and on about various other religious beliefs, as I have a great interest in religious studies and the philosophy of religion, but I will leave on this note: It is not for any of us to judge how another sees the world, or how they see the divine.

    Bright Blessings to you, sir.

  2. It is of course your choice as to whether you wish to continue in paganism and what you decide for yourself is of no concern to me personally in the sense that it doesn’t affect my position – so that is all fine. However, as to whether you need the salvation offered in Christ – that is entirely another matter. The fact is you do actually need it, but if you choose not to accept it that is your decision. It will be a costly choice to make in the light of eternity – whether you believe it or not at the moment.

  3. Hmm, there are thousands of denominations of “Christian” and you lot love to argue amongst yourselves about who has it right.

    Disapprove of us all you like. We’re not going anywhere and have no need of this ‘salvation’ you lot are all so fond of.

  4. I would have thought my comments were fairly clear – pagans have no hope of salvation in Christ and hence the reason I said it was sad that the recognition of paganism was regarded as something to celebrate. It is sad because these people have no hope of salvation.

    Of course I regard it as a bad thing because of my Christian viewpoint – which I also thought was obvious in my comments. I also agree that the majority of people are quite happy to be recognised as pagan, heathen or atheistic – and would perhaps regard these life choices as being good. However, from a Christian viewpoint (and the Bible’s and God’s) these positions are not good and represent states that are extremely perilous in the light of eternity.

    I also said people have freedom of choice for their religious status – but that remove the end time result of an eternity without God.

    So it is because of these reasons that I disaprove of paganism.

    • You do realise that your salvation is through pagan traditions with new names
      every tradition you celebrate was stolen from pagans
      Yule now known as Christmas was pagan dressing the tree burning the Yule log exchanging gifts birth of a god (the sun god ie literally the sun) all pagan
      The bible compiled and edited by a pagan who became Christian on his death bed
      The eating of flesh and blood was accused to be something pagans did but most Christians do that weekly pagans however do not
      Salvation while ignoring the Ten Commandments is pure arrogance
      Pagan religions are thousands upon thousands of years older than yours and the bigotry of not liking equality damns your soul no matter what you think you “god” and his son can do
      Btw praying to gods sun like he is god breaks one if the commandments
      How about you enlighten your mind and read more before you comment
      in Australia it was illegal to be pagan till 1997 our weddings are still civil instead of religious and we are still faced with Christian bigotry because they think their religion is correct but it quite frankly has only given the world a new way to hate and alienate people
      Most of us do believe in the afterlife and judgment isn’t part of it your way isn’t the true way

      To sum up pagans are the parent religion of monotheism thus we should have your respect because at least we don’t argue with each other and we don’t burn people we don’t play favourites with skin colours or sex and love is love no matter who it is you love and guess what we don’t care about that nor do we tell each other what path is right or push our beliefs on others

  5. You seem to be under the impression that the word ‘Paganism’ is derogatory. That is untrue; Paganism was never considered to be a bad thing, until Christianity got a hold of it – much like many other things that Christianity managed to skew over the years. In fact, if you look up “pagan” on (or in any dictionary published in the last decade or so) the definition will be something like “one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks.”

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