No Remorse

Isn’t it disappointing when people wrong you, hurt you, etc – and then when they see you for the first time in a long time they behave as though nothing ever happened? I find it to be very disappointing, especially when it is someone for whom you have done a lot, stood by, etc.

This happened to me just recently ~ the person concerned carried on in a manner as though she was still my best friend, that she had done nothing toward me that could be regarded as appalling behaviour and that somehow there was nothing ill between us as a result. It saddened me and disappointed me greatly.

My strongest desire was to simply show her that I still cared about her and to embrace her, however, I knew this would not be the best course of action as it would allow her to get away with continued poor behaviour without even the slightest display of remorse ~ and I certainly have no intention of being used as a friend of convenience or worse still, to be used as a doormat.

To be sure, I do not despise this person and she knows that I do not. I have made it abundantly clear that should she need me for anything I am here for her. However, there is no way that her continued poor behaviour toward me is to be deemed acceptable in any manner whatsoever and an explanation and an apology are in order ~ and they to be marked with sincerity and truth. Without these things, I cannot help but think that I have overestimated the worth of this person, though I am sure that within her is the potential of someone who is to be valued beyond any words that I can possibly hope to give voice to. At the moment I am left disappointed and dis-illusioned by this one in whom I believed and in whom I had placed so many high hopes.

The way to reconciliation remains open, but it must come via the true path of reconciliation as I have already mentioned in this posting. I am certainly ready to receive her with the trappings of the most sincere, open and warm-hearted friendship that I have

One thought on “No Remorse

  1. The following were posted on a previous web site:

    posted by: ammegan (reply)
    post date: 06.30.07 (10:50 pm)

    It happens to me too and yes…reconciliation is the key.


    posted by: bushman (reply)
    post date: 06.30.07 (11:16 pm)

    Reply to: ammegan

    Thanks for your thoughts ammegan. I often read your Blog, checking it whenever I’m about to post on my site. Why? You were the first person to leave me a reply, so for some reason I check your Blog each time. Weird perhaps ~ but you do get up to so many different things over that way. Hopefully you’ll get that licence soon 🙂


    posted by: ammegan (reply)
    post date: 07.01.07 (12:14 am)

    Thanks Bushman…:) I appreciate that. Sometimes I think that people actually don’t read my blog because my writing is so mundane..but thanks…I’m motivated now! 😉

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