The Loss of a Friend

I have been reminded tonight of a special person in my life who is no longer my friend. It was not that I had forgotten her, just that I had stopped thinking about her – there is a difference.

There was a time when things were quite low for me and she came into my life and brought joy back to it. Her smile was enough to brighten my day and really made me feel happy – just seeing her smile. Her smile and her dimples were priceless. She had her moments, moments when she brought me not so much joy, as disappointment and sadness. But overall she was a person of immeasurable worth and value, a priceless gem in a world of valueless rocks.

Just being around her made me feel good to be alive. I could sit with her and listen to her stories time without end. It was good to be with her and it was time never wasted. Whatever of me that was spent on her, was an investment in a person that was worth all and more. I never knew what she saw in me, but she valued me more than I was worth. She made me feel real and I was her friend.

I miss her and that is all.

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