New Found Faith in Paris?

I read with barely veiled scepticism a report in today’s paper regarding Paris Hilton carrying a Bible and sporting a jacket with Faith across the front of it – has Paris Hilton now got faith? Does the Hilton heiress read the Scriptures in a serious manner? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was true?

However, my first reaction was probably right – and it would seem that the writer of the article probably had the right idea as well. Is this yet another attempt by Paris Hilton to gain some form of public sympathy for her plight (she is about to go to jail for three weeks), or perhaps an attempt to gain leniency from the justice system because she has now found a reason to be ‘rehabilitated?’

How many times have people sought clemency on the grounds that they ‘have found God?’ Becoming a ‘Christian’ or declaring a new found faith seems to be a common way in which some people try to gain favour with the justice system, or to garner sympathy for themselves and thereby gain a lesser sentence, fine or the like.

In Indonesia, an Australian arrested for possession of drugs, attempted to gain the sympathy of the judges by declaring she had embraced Islam and was now reforming her way, even going as far as to wear the traditional Islamic dress for women. Incredibly this was all cast off the moment she was released and returned to Australia.

Is this yet another manifestation of the same sort of tendency? Time will of course tell with Paris and I would expect it will only take a day or so after her release from prison for it to become clear as to just how deep her interest in the Bible goes.

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