I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and it can sure make life difficult. I am nowhere near as ill as I once was (about 15 years ago), but still find life difficult at times. Yet it is not those times when I am really sick that I get frustrated the most – it’s the times when I’m actually not too bad, when I’m feeling fairly well overall and able to get about my normal life. Why? Well I’m just too tired!

In my healthier times I find myself just wanting to sleep all the time, struggling to stay awake. When I’m at work in a meeting or attending a seminar – I start falling asleep. When I want to study and work on the web site I just can’t stay awake – I’m nodding off and unable to stay focussed. When I’m praying – I do fall asleep. I’m just too tied – all the time!

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