What is it about church that moves Christians to just accept the status quo and put up with extremely poor preaching and worship services? I’m not talking about Charismatic meetings, Arminian meetings – I’m talking about so called Reformed meetings. Because the church calls itself Reformed it seems that believers feel bound to just accept anything that’s dished up for them and then have to push it as being good or great.

Why accept it? It’s insane to accept it – surely! Some of what I have heard in recent times is nothing short of drivel. Sure, there is nothing necessarily theologically wrong with what is being said. But it’s so ordinary in substance that there’s nothing noticeably Reformed about it. It lacks power, it lacks application and it lacks anything that could pass as really decent exposition. Generally it’s just monotone, seemingly dis-interested and non-passionate rambling. It’s a real blessing when it’s over. At least that’s how I felt recently – pleased to have got away from it.

Sadly however, there is no decent alternative – at least here in Australia. May God be merciful to us.

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