Facebook: The Future?

The link below is to an article that considers the future of Facebook as the leading social network.

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Facebook: On the Decline

The link below is to an article that suggests Facebook is on the decline. However, given the money it is still making it is hardly a concern to the company yet.

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Facebook: The News Feed Upgrade

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the news feed upgrade for Facebook.

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Facebook: Loosing the ‘Cool’ Battle

The link below is to an article that looks at Facebook’s future.

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Digg: Sadly Dug its Own Grave

Facebook: Email Outrage

  1. Facebook just doesn’t learn. If there’s something that Facebook should know by now it’s that the social network’s users don’t like things being forced upon them and having their settings changed without notification and permission. Yet despite this, Facebook has done it again and changed everyone’s default email setting to that of a Facebook email address. Poor form Facebook, poor form. It really annoyed me to find it so today, but thankfully I have processes in place that should warn be of such Facebook ineptness before too much harm is done. Not so for all, so hopefully this story will bring awareness to others, as well as providing information as to how it can be corrected.

Starting out with Storify

  1. For this first story on Storify, all I’m going to really do is introduce the platform and embed some videos and tutorials that do just that. Hopefully some people will find this interesting and start to use the tool also.

  2. I am very much a novice to storify, so I have no idea really as to how this ‘story’ will appear when it is published. From what I understand it can be edited after it is published, so perhaps a bit of polishing will be required once it is complete.

    OK, I published the story and had a quick look at it. It actually doesn’t look too bad and it looks quite good actually.

    I thought I might add something of a product review in this story also. Storify is very easy to use and can be a very helpful tool for bloggers in particular I think. The learning curve for Storify is very quick and you’ll be quite proficient in its use very quickly. If you watch the ‘How To Use Storify’ video embedded in this particular story, that will will also enhance your ability quite quickly (though the appearance of the platform has changed a bit since the tutorial was put together). I’ll certainly be using Storify a fair bit from now on I would think.

    The other really good thing about Storify from my perspective is that I can very quickly publish my stories to my WordPress Blogs straight from the application. So that certainly is a fantastic plus in my opinion.

Digg and Diggnation

The Digg social network is in trouble. Digg is a place where people can share what they find on the web with others. There is a rating system of sorts – based on people ‘digging’ a post/site, which when done so is considered ‘dugg’ by the one doing the ‘digging.’ It had and has the potential to be a very useful site. However, as anyone who keeps up with developments in social networking and the like knows, Digg is in trouble. It is dropping users, with less and less people using the site and tools associated with the site. Recently Digg got an overhaul which has done nothing to stop the slide.

There was once a newsletter with the top ‘dugg’ stories of the day, but that seems to have vanished. I found it to be a useful newsletter.

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I have been using Digg a fair bit of late and have always considered it to be a very useful site and experience.

My profile is at:


There is also a web television show known as Diggnation. I have just watched the latest episode of the show and I confess to believing the show is rubbish. It is not worth watching in my opinion and comes complete with terrible language and crass content. If the quality of the show is how we should take Digg it is no wonder it is in trouble. It is hosted by two men, with one being the founder of Digg – which does nothing for the credentials of Digg.

I still hold out hope for Digg, as it can yet be a very useful and worthwhile site and service.

Visit Diggnation at: