Fascinating Photos of Mexican Faith Healers


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A curandero is a faith healer or native shaman who treats any number of maladies, including mental and spiritual “illnesses” that are more commonly handled by a clergyperson or psychiatrist in the United States. Photographer and documentary filmmaker Scott Dalton, whose work we first saw on Beautiful Decay, has captured the life of the curandero during healing sessions and pilgrimages across Mexico and Latin America. While some faith healers rely on herbs and natural cures, others use Catholic elements, such as idols, paintings, and holy water. Dalton’s visually striking photos reveal a beauty and vulnerability shared between the curandero and the people seeking healing and guidance.

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Australia: NSW – Bushfire Blog

The link below is to a link on the Guardian Australia website which contains a rolling Blog of the bushfire crisis in NSW.

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The link below is to a photo gallery of the bushfires in NSW.

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Bastille Day celebrations

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feu d'artifice du 14 juillet 2013 sur le sites de la Tour Eiffel et du Trocadéro à Paris vu de la Tour Montparnasse - Fireworks on Eiffel Tower

Fête Nationale 2013 / Bastille Day 2013 - Pont de la Concorde, Paris

Bastille Day 2013

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet !

Concert du 14 juillet sur le Champ de Mars

Decorated with light displays and crowned by spectacular fireworks, the Eiffel Tower was the centerpiece of celebration for France on July 14, French National Day.

Parisians weren’t the only ones joining the celebration for this holiday. See more scenes around the world from this year’s event in the Bastille Day Festivities gallery.

Photos from y.caradec, scuzzilla, ∃Scape, Alexander JE Bradley, and keyshawnou.

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Horticultural art in Canada

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Spirits of the Wood - Cernunnos

Easter Island Heads



Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal

We noticed recent appearances of these plant-covered sculptures in photos from an exhibition called the Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal (June 22 to September 29). This year’s edition covers the “Land of Hope” theme and includes over 50 “giants of the horticultural arts” on display in Canada’s impressive Montréal Botanical Garden. With 20 countries represented by 200 participating artists, the event is also an international art competition, and the winners will be picked for the Grand Honorary Jury Award and People’s Choice Award.

See more photos in the Mosaicultures Montreal 2013 gallery and Mosaiculture – International group.

Photos from AV Dezign, DeannaVY, Cosmar, Robert Perron, and lusignan.

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The Kingdom of Bhutan

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Asia, Bhutan, Jakar, lakang, Lhakhang, Mecham, Tangbi Mani

Bhutan Monks in the Dzong, Thimphu, Bhutan Bhutan


Kids of Shiling Old woman praying


Bhutan- Cham Dance - Thimphu Tsechu Prayer flags over Thimphu


Bhutan is a landlocked state in South Asia located at the eastern end of the Himalayas. Bhutan is the only country in the world measuring its Gross National Happiness, and based on a global 2006 Business Week survey, the country was rated happiest in Asia and the eighth-happiest worldwide.

More of the beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and interesting people in Bhutan can be found in our image search.

Photos from Vittore Buzzi, bsmethers, Michael Foley Photography, Eugene Bakker, longwei66 – shadowgrahy.org, bigID, George Talusan, samthe8th, and fahim_123752.

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Syria: Satellite Imagery of the War

The link below is to an article with satellite imagery of the destruction in the war in Syria.

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Japan: Two Years On from Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami

The link below is to an article (with photos) that looks at Japan two years on from the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

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Article: Real Life Police Dramas

The link below is to an article that contains a number of photos/scans of newspaper articles reporting on police call outs. They demonstrate why society is so troubled these days – not.

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Article: Amazing Origami Sculptures

So looking over a few Blogs and things this afternoon and came across this article on origami sculptures. There are some great examples included in the photos of this article. Someone may be interested in trying them out. Perhaps post a photo of your efforts here. Would be good to see any that people have tried.

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