‘The biggest threat is Iran’: Israel aware of possible Syrian spillover, but doesn’t see it as largest danger

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To hear Miriam Ziv tell it, Israelis are not complacent about the prospect of war spilling over their northern border from Syria. Batteries of the Iron Dome air defence system have been moved north to intercept missiles and citizens have been lining up for new or refreshed gas masks in Tel Aviv

“They are like part of our furniture,” said Ms. Ziv, a diminutive bundle of energy who leaves her post as Israel’s ambassador to Canada on Sunday, after five years in Ottawa. “Life goes on in Israel. There is no panic. We have had wars and been attacked before.”

In an exit interview about the Canada-Israel relationship in her Ottawa office, the news, as always in the Middle East, gets in the way. But she said the big concern for most Israelis is not what is happening in Syria.

Rather, she said, more sleep is lost over…

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Bastille Day celebrations

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feu d'artifice du 14 juillet 2013 sur le sites de la Tour Eiffel et du Trocadéro à Paris vu de la Tour Montparnasse - Fireworks on Eiffel Tower

Fête Nationale 2013 / Bastille Day 2013 - Pont de la Concorde, Paris

Bastille Day 2013

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet !

Concert du 14 juillet sur le Champ de Mars

Decorated with light displays and crowned by spectacular fireworks, the Eiffel Tower was the centerpiece of celebration for France on July 14, French National Day.

Parisians weren’t the only ones joining the celebration for this holiday. See more scenes around the world from this year’s event in the Bastille Day Festivities gallery.

Photos from y.caradec, scuzzilla, ∃Scape, Alexander JE Bradley, and keyshawnou.

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Libya: French Embassy Bombed in Tripoli

The link below is to an article reporting on the car bombing of the French Embassy in Tripoli, Libya.

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Mali: Al Qaeda Kills French Hostage

The link below is to an article reporting on the death of a French hostage at the hands of Al Qaeda in Mali.

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Syria: Plans to Arm Rebels Meeting Resistance

The link below is to an article reporting on the latest developments in the plan to arm Syria’s rebels.

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